Ármann vs LAVA Esports - team stats comparison - January 21, 2023 7:00 PM

About a Match Ármann Ármann vs LAVA Esports LAVA Esports - 01/21

Ármann and LAVA Esports will play their next match on January 21, 2023 at 7:00 PM (0 from now) at the Icelandic Esports League Season 7 2022 Regular Season Counter strike Tournament

  • Previously in current tournament before this match team Ármann had won over team LAVA Esports 1 time, while LAVA Esports had 1 lose over Ármann.
  • Ármann current streak is 2 wins and LAVA Esports 1 lose.
  • Ármann winrate is 0% in the Icelandic Esports League Season 7 2022 Regular Season against LAVA Esports's 0%.
  • Team Ármann will be represented by Thomas Thomsen, Alexander Egill Guðmundsson, Arnar Ingvarsson, Ólafur Gudmundsson, Kristján Finnsson, and Team LAVA Esports is by Birgir Ágústsson, Styrmir Tómasson, Sigurdur Thorhallsson, Gísli Geir Gíslason.
  • Ármann has winrate 40.00% in the previous 5 matches, and LAVA Esports is 20.00%

Ármann vs LAVA Esports - current rosters

LAVA Esports
LAVA Esports
  • 7homsen
    Thomas Thomsen
  • HUNDZi
    Alexander Egill Guðmundsson
  • Vargur
    Arnar Ingvarsson
  • ofvirkur
    Ólafur Gudmundsson
  • kruzer
    Kristján Finnsson
  • sPiKe
    Birgir Ágústsson
  • goa7er
    Styrmir Tómasson
    Sigurdur Thorhallsson
  • TripleG
    Gísli Geir Gíslason

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