B4 Esports Female vs ATK Female - team stats comparison - November 25, 2022 1:10 PM

About a Match B4 Esports Female B4 Esports Female vs ATK Female ATK Female - 11/25

B4 Esports Female and ATK Female will play their next match on November 25, 2022 at 1:10 PM (0 from now) at the ESL Impact League Season 2 2022 Group B Counter strike Tournament

  • B4 Esports Female winrate is 0% in the ESL Impact League Season 2 2022 Group B against ATK Female's 0%.
  • Previously in current tournament before this match team B4 Esports Female had won over team ATK Female 1 time, while ATK Female had 1 lose over B4 Esports Female.
  • B4 Esports Female has winrate 60.00% in the previous 5 matches, and ATK Female is 0.00%
  • Team B4 Esports Female will be represented by Giovanna Yungh, Lara Baceiredo, Julia Gomes, Nataly do Nascimento Cavalcante, Nadjila Rodrigues, and Team ATK Female is by Christin Brazier, Megan van der Westhuizen, Kayhla Calder, Connie Moulder, Christie Webster.
  • B4 Esports Female current streak is 2 loses and ATK Female 2 loses.

B4 Esports Female vs ATK Female - current rosters

B4 Esports Female
B4 Esports Female
ATK Female
ATK Female
  • yungher
    Giovanna Yungh
  • goddess
    Lara Baceiredo
  • julih
    Julia Gomes
  • nani
    Nataly do Nascimento Cavalcante
  • poppins
    Nadjila Rodrigues
  • 2SSB
    Christin Brazier
  • M3gzz
    Megan van der Westhuizen
  • KayC
    Kayhla Calder
  • leafy
    Connie Moulder
  • Graceyy
    Christie Webster

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