AVEZ vs Sashi Esport - team stats comparison - November 28, 2022 9:00 PM

About a Match AVEZ AVEZ vs Sashi Esport Sashi Esport - 11/28

AVEZ and Sashi Esport will play their next match on November 28, 2022 at 9:00 PM (0 from now) at the ESEA Advanced Europe season 43 2022 Regular Season Counter strike Tournament

  • AVEZ has winrate 20.00% in the previous 5 matches, and Sashi Esport is 20.00%
  • Previously in current tournament before this match team AVEZ had lost over team Sashi Esport 1 time, while Sashi Esport had 1 victory over AVEZ.
  • AVEZ current streak is 1 lose and Sashi Esport 2 loses.
  • Team AVEZ will be represented by Kacper Parakowski, Oskar Mikłaszewicz, Jan Dyl, and Team Sashi Esport is by Anton Pedersen, Benjamin Jensen, Victor Bisgaard, Rasmus Gleerup.
  • AVEZ winrate is 0% in the ESEA Advanced Europe season 43 2022 Regular Season against Sashi Esport's 0%.

AVEZ vs Sashi Esport - current rosters

Sashi Esport
Sashi Esport
  • next1me
    Kacper Parakowski
  • bonjorno
    Oskar Mikłaszewicz
  • cej0t
    Jan Dyl
  • notaN
    Anton Pedersen
  • brzer
    Benjamin Jensen
  • vigg0
    Victor Bisgaard
  • Skejs
    Rasmus Gleerup

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