Parabellum Esports vs Susquehanna Soniqs - team stats comparison - September 28, 2022 10:30 PM

About a Match Parabellum Esports PBLM vs Susquehanna Soniqs Susquehanna Soniqs - 09/28

Parabellum Esports and Susquehanna Soniqs will play their next match on September 28, 2022 at 10:30 PM (0 from now) at the North American League Stage 3 2022 Regular Season Rainbow Six Tournament

  • Previously in current tournament before this match team PBLM had won over team Susquehanna Soniqs 1 time and 2 times lose, while Susquehanna Soniqs had 2 victories and 1 lose over Parabellum Esports.
  • PBLM winrate is 0% in the North American League Stage 3 2022 Regular Season against Susquehanna Soniqs's 0%.
  • PBLM current streak is 3 loses and Susquehanna Soniqs 2 loses.
  • PBLM has winrate 20.00% in the previous 5 matches, and Susquehanna Soniqs is 40.00%
  • Team PBLM will be represented by Xavier Avoine, Jameson Lancaster, Alexandre Thomas, Connor Felux, Doq, and Team Susquehanna Soniqs is by Richie Coronado, Pablo Rebeil, Evan Bushore, Seth Hoffman, Emilio Leynez Cuevas, Shaun Pottorff.

PBLM vs Susquehanna Soniqs - current rosters

Susquehanna Soniqs
Susquehanna Soniqs
  • Eskaa
    Xavier Avoine
  • KoolAid
    Jameson Lancaster
  • BlaZ
    Alexandre Thomas
  • Azian
    Connor Felux
  • Doq
  • Rexen
    Richie Coronado
  • Gryxr
    Pablo Rebeil
  • Kanzen
    Evan Bushore
  • supr
    Seth Hoffman
  • Geoometrics
    Emilio Leynez Cuevas
  • Gunnar
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